Thursday, 28 May 2009

Love Wes Anderson, Love This

Someone sent me this today (as a link, not the actual work - I wish!!).

Just one piece would be lovely wouldn't it? But Alex Cornell has produced a plethora of Anderson related gorgeousness. Check it all out. A university project by the looks of it. Wowsers.

(Hope he doesn't mind me sharing it).

Monday, 11 May 2009

Heaven Is A Busy Bar

This weekend, whilst pondering the existence of man and the many philosophies we live by, I came across a notion which disturbs me greatly. Even though I doth be an atheist.

The world is overcrowded.

There are more dead people than there are people living.

Heaven must be like an overcrowded bar.

The thing with overcrowded bars, and presumably heaven, is that you can see everything your heart/stomach desires, but you can't get anyway near the bloody stuff because of all the other people who are just as thirsty/forgiven as you getting in your way.

Sounds like hell.